What We Do

Make your property the perfect holiday rental

Service designed to take short letting to the next level

Our Smart management starts with a comprehensive appraisal. From here we make sure everything from set up of your home to photos is coordinated beautifully. Once guests arrive we make them our top priority, by making sure your home is always immaculately presented and we are there for them 24/7.

Hosting has never been easier

Our team of Listings experts will set up the listings for your units to over 150 booking sites worldwide, the process takes from 1 to 5 weeks. Expect highly converting copy, a catchy title and all your apartment’s best features beautifully presented in Thailand.

Professional Photography

Our professional photographer knows exactly what your guests are looking for on their search for the perfect holiday home. We will capture your property in its best light and make sure it stands out from competing listings with highlights points.

Pricing Optimisation

Our team of pricing experts dives deep into the data to ensure your occupancy and profit rates are fully optimised. “Never a missed opportunity” is our adage for success. Expect best in class yield from your property in Thailand.

Guest Communication

From the very first contact to constant on-site service we respond with-in 60 minutes 24/7 – we’ll make sure your home is safe, and your guests well taken care of throughout their holiday. Expect happy guests, very happy guests.

Guest Approval

With PlanB, your home is in good hands. We thoroughly screen potential guests to ensure only the most reputable guests will be staying in your home here in Thailand.

Check-in & check-out process

We make it easy for guests to get the key, mostly we meet the guest with a smiling face to welcome all a guest needs after a long flight. We said it already; expect happy guests, always. We also guide guest on their check-out process, ensuring that all is in order.

Premium Linen And Toiletries

Clean duvet covers, crisp linen sheets, and soft towels are every guest’s concern. We deliver crisp hotel quality linen for every guest, so they can sleep well. Expect fab reviews from well-rested guests.

Cleaning And Laundry

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” With our team of professional housekeepers with years of experience in hotels, PlanB will add a touch of home, to your property. Expect an impeccably clean place, each time.

Professional Maintenance

Our guys are on-site 24/7 when needed, also 4 am in the morning, from changing a lightbulb to small fixes, we’ll take care of basic property maintenance tasks and will be on call throughout your guest’s stay. Expect to never worry about little things.


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